Má tá suim agat bheith i do bhall d'Altram, caithfidh tú an fhoirm seo a leanas a líonadh amach:

  • Foirm bhallraíochta

Lean an nasc seo le cóip d'fhoirm bhallraíochta 2023-2024 a chomhlánú.

Lean an nasc seo le cóip d'fhógra príobháideachais a fheiceáil. 

Seol chuig

Oifig 1, Teach an Mhuilinn, Ionad an Dá Spuaic, 155 Sráid Northumberland, Béal Feirste BT13 2JF.



If you are interested in being a member of Altram, you need to fill the following form out:

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Follow this link to complete the 2023-2024 membership form.

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Send to or

Office 1, Mill House, Twin Spires, 155 Northumberland Street, Belfast, BT13 2JF.

**Foundation stage and 0-3 Irish medium practitioners are also welcome to become members to avail of training and resources**

Please specify which class/age group you teach in name of setting section.