Plean Teanga - A Language Plan

Plean Teanga do Réamhscolaíocht agus do Luathbhlianta An Tumoideachais Ghaeilge

A Language Plan for Irish-Medium Preschool and Early Years’ Immersion

This resource has been created to support practitioners in Irish-Medium Early Years Immersion settings in planning effectively for the Irish Language needs of the children who attend them. It will be useful for practitioners at both Preschool and Foundation levels. The resource provides guidance on:

                                                          • the language learning opportunities which best support children’s learning;

                                                          • the nature and quality of staff activities and the skills they need to be effective;

                                                          • the staff knowledge and understanding base underpinning good practice.

The resource provides in a more condensed format much of the guidance contained in ‘Two Windows on the World,’ by Áine Andrews. Practitioners are recommended to refer to this publication for more comprehensive or detailed information.

Available to download below:

Plean Teanga