Traenáil d'Oifigeach Ainmnithe - Designated Officer Training

Dáta: 7ú Eanáir 2021     Am: 9.30 rn – 3.30 in     Ar: Microsoft Teams

  • Beidh an cúrsa oscailte anois do dhaoine a rinne cúrsa mar seo cheana nó do dhaoine ar mhian leo freastal ar chúrsa Oifigeach Ainmnithe don chéad uair.


Clárúchán Druidte


Designated Officer Training

Date: 7th January 2021     Time: 9.30 am – 3.30 pm     On: Microsoft Teams

  • The course is now open to both those who have already attended a similar course or those who wish to attend a Designated Officer training course for the first time.


Registration closed


Notes from the training facilitator:

  • The course will run from 9.30 to 12noon and from 1pm to 3.30pm. Allowing for a comfort break between sessions.
  • All participants will need to have access to a PC or laptop, a solid Wifi connection and have the MS teams app downloaded to whichever device they plan to use. 
  • A MS teams invite and course materials will be sent to all participants 2-3 days prior to 7th January using the email address provided. 
  • Some participants will receive two invites for the same date and time. This is to accommodate group work. Please accept both invites.